Chefs Blend Spreads, Inc.

Retail / Grocery

Chefs Blend Spreads are “Quick-N-Easy” Gourmet 
Spreads that provide Quality, Value, Convenience, and Delicious consistent flavor that is great tasting, affordable and easy to use. Today’s consumer wants quick, easy and consistent meals without sacrificing great flavor or taste. Their demands can now be satisfied by purchasing and using Chefs Blend Spreads. 

Consumers  are looking for new ideas that doesn't require the time and effort it takes when making a Savory and Delicious meal. When using Chefs Blend Spreads the time and effort become “Quick-N-Easy” because the prep work (measuring, blending,chopping,etc.) is already done.

Having Chefs Blend Spreads on the shelf or in the refrigerator provides delicious flavor to beef, chicken, seafood, pork, vegetables, pasta, pizza, burgers, even tofu... by blending fresh gourmet ingredients in a spread that is "Quick-N-Easy" to use. Delicious and consistent Restaurant Quality meals are easily prepared in as little as fifteen (15) minutes or less. Whether a Delicious Gourmet meal for that special occasion, or simple meals on the go, both are "Quick-N-Easy" using Chefs Blend Spreads six savory and delicious flavors to put great meals on your table fast.      

                                 Chefs Blend Spreads 
                         "Quick-N-Easy" Steps for Use


1.) Cook your beef, chicken, pork, seafood,
     vegetables, pasta, pizza, burgers even tofu... and place on a plate.

2.) Spread on,Top with or Mix in one of Chefs Blend Spreads                  mouth watering flavors.  (Six to choose from)   
3.) That's It!  You're Done!
        It's "Quick-N-Easy" and Oh so Delicious! Eat and Enjoy!

 Gourmet or on the Go!! Great meals on your table fast!! TM

Retailers will sell more beef, chicken, pork, seafood and vegetables because Chefs Blend Spreads will inspire consumers to prepare savory and delicious meals that are "Quick-N-Easy'. As a Retailer you know your customers and you are always searching for, and committed to providing a versatile, flavorful, delicious and affordable product that is consistent,quick and easy that satisfies your customers needs. 

Chefs Blend Spreads is that solution!

Savory Garlic-N-Herb
over Roast Beef,
Potato Wedges and Vegetables. Not just for
Garlic Bread. Versatile, Flavorful, Delicious!!
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